Our intervention in under-served public schools focuses on improvement of education delivery. We demonstrate characteristic expertise in the following areas:

1. Pedagogy
2. Enrolment of out-of-school children
3. Early childhood education
4. Teaching aids
5. Computer education
6. Development of academic resources

We carry out the following standardized interventions in each adopted school:
1. Training of public school teachers.
2. Head Teacher Training in school management, budgeting and finance.
3. Addition of Teachers to reduce class size and enable individual attention to students.
4. Provision of academic resources
5. Provision of teaching kits containing essential learning tools for students and teachers, and school supplies.
6. Aggressive campaign to increase student enrollment through door-to-door visits, advertising, parent-teacher meetings, etc.
7. Establish computer and I.T. labs in middle and high schools
8. Continuous monitoring and evaluation carried out by our academic staff on every school day.