CEO Message

I am excited to serve as CEO of Progressive Education Network (PEN) and feel impulsive to achieve its challenging objectives. PEN envisions to create a conducive learning environment and improving school infrastructure, imparting quality education and transforming the minds of teachers and children. The holistic development of children studying in public schools is the ultimate mission of PEN.

PEN Management and school staff is committed to carry out their roles with openness and efficiency. I would like to emphasize the importance of accountability and transparency to my managers, teachers and administrative staff. It is our prime responsibility to ensure that funds are prudently utilized and its activities are effectively implemented for sake of achieving academic success for our children. The essence of my role as CEO of PEN is not limited to administrative tasks only, but to work collaboratively with all the stakeholders and unleash the potential of children, teachers and the public sector at large.

Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan

CEO, Progressive Education Network