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Summer Camp 2017


• To offer a unique camp atmosphere in which art & craft activities are emphasized.
• To encourage students to form social relationships
• To instill the lifelong values of teamwork and individual responsibility.
• To build individual character, confidence and skills through art workshops and activities.
• To approach and experience each and every day as a new and exciting adventure.
• To have an unforgettable and enriching summer!

Progressive Education Network (PEN) works to restore the quality of education and ensure the provision of schools’ mandatory facilities for the students studying at PEN adopted schools situated in under privileged areas of Pakistan. At PEN adopted schools, students are not only given quality education but provision of child friendly environment is core element of school. Moreover, different opportunities to the students are also provided for their experiential / activity based learning.

Summer Camp- A Place to Explore Artistic Aptitude

Students enjoy and learn through different events and workshops organized by PEN and summer camp is one of those events planned by PEN. Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer vacation. Children who attend summer camp are known as campers. PEN conducted five days’ summer camp for the students of class three GGMS, Chaudhry Colony.

During the 5 day workshop, the students were provided a place to improve their art skills and motivated to think outside the box. They were provided with all the material and they thoroughly expressed their ideas through drawings, painting and origami. Students were given different topics and themes to work on. Lectures were delivered on Ramadan, importance of Fasts, and punctuality in prayers.

On the last day of the workshop presents were given to the students. The feedback was amazing from both teachers and the kids. Students participated in the workshop wholeheartedly and enjoyed a lot. They requested to conduct these type of sessions more often.