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Incentives Distribution Ceremony – Servis Cluster

Annual Incentives Distribution Ceremony in Servis Cluster – Gujrat

PEN believes that education plays pivotal role in the development of a country.  With great dedication and commitment, PEN is providing its support to the PEN adopted schools situated in amenities deprived areas of Pakistan. Provision of quality education and strong focus on character building always remains on PEN’s priority list. PEN equipped its adopted schools with all possible required facilities and by increasing teachers’ capacity through professional trainings. The continuous efforts of hardworking students, diligent teachers, PEN Academic team, and PEN supervisory staff resulted in achievement of outstanding performance by our students of grade V & VIII in PEC exams 2017.

The celebration of PEC result is mandatory part of the PEN Annual Calendar and called as “PEN Incentive Distribution Ceremony.”  PEN always encourage its students and their teachers by awarding them with incentives. This year, Gujrat cluster’s gave a proud moment to their teachers and PEN team by securing pass percentage of 95% for grade V and grade VII hit the 97% in PEC Exam 2016-17. The efforts of students, their respective teachers and head teachers were acknowledged and prizes distributed among worthy participants.

Annual Incentive distribution Ceremony for Gujrat cluster was organized at GES Jattuwakal, Gujrat, on the 9th of May 2017. The Ceremony  was honored by the presence of schools staff & students, PEN Academic Head Mrs. Sarwat Sultana, PEN Head of Training & Evaluation Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen and PEN Cluster staff . The ceremony started at 11a.m. with Tilawat followed by Naat. Later, students sang a national song and poem to celebrate the achievement and to amuse the audience.

PEN Cluster Manager, Mr. Sajid Rauf gave introductory remarks, he congratulated the top position holders and their teachers. Prize distribution started after the address. Mrs. Sarwat Sultan, Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen & PEN cluster manager Mr. Sajid Rauf gave away the prizes to Students and School staff.

Concluding remarks were shared by PEN Academic Head Mrs. Sarwat Sultana. She congratulated all the participants who received the prizes and motivated them to excel and shine.

Incentive Distribution Ceremony for PEC Results 2016-17 (Servis Cluster- Gujrat)


Class Name Marks School Name Position
Grade V Muhammad Hamdan 446 GES Jattuwakal, Gujrat 1st
Sohnia ILyas 424 GGES Phularwan, Gujrat 2nd
Azhar Iqbal 422 GES Jattuwakal, Gujrat 3rd
Grade VIII Usama Abid 427 GES Shadiwal, Gujrat 1st
Amna Zaman 423 GGES Servis Industries, Gujrat 2nd
Tooba Afzal 401 GGES Phularwan , Gujrat 3rd

Class Name Status School Name
Grade V Sania Arshad Teacher GES Jattuwakal, Gujrat
Mirza Tariq Mehmood Head Teacher GES Jattuwakal, Gujrat
Shahla Iram Teacher GGES Phularwan, Gujrat
Nusrat Rehman Head Teacher GGES Phularwan, Gujrat
Grade VIII Asghar Javed Teacher/Head Teacher GES Shadiwal, Gujrat
Farrukh Jabeen Teacher GGES Servis Industries
Kishwar Munir Head Teacher GGES Servis Industries
Munazza Firdous Teacher GGES Phularwan , Gujrat